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Balance Sheet

 2017 Y2016 Y2015 Y2014 Y
Source Document12/31/201712/31/201712/31/201612/31/2015
Currency Code (in millions)USDUSDUSDUSD
Current Assets 
Cash, including cash equivalents 881.5654.4686.9936.4
Accounts receivable (less allowances) 457.2458.9443.0515.6
Inventories 598.2586.4624.0707.7
Prepaid expenses and other 296.4291.3296.1590.7
Current assets of discontinued operations 01.3291.1314.1
Total current assets 2,233.31,992.32,341.13,064.5
Property, plant and equipment, at cost 
Land 31.329.532.237.8
Buildings and improvements 646.0621.5665.8831.1
Equipment 804.6773.1797.7999.0
Total 1,481.91,424.11,495.71,867.9
Less accumulated depreciation (779.2)(712.8)(728.8)(831.1)
Property, plant and equipment, net 702.7711.3766.91,036.8
Goodwill 95.793.692.3249.3
Other assets 666.2621.7490.01,034.3
Noncurrent assets of discontinued operations NANA180.1211.9
Total assets 3,697.93,418.93,870.45,596.8
Liabilities and Shareholders' Deficit 
Current Liabilities 
Debt maturing within one year 25.718.155.2121.7
Accounts payable 832.2768.1774.2806.3
Accrued compensation 130.3129.2157.6174.9
Other accrued liabilities 405.6401.9419.6539.1
Sales and taxes other than income 153.0147.0174.9160.8
Income taxes 12.810.723.936.8
Payable to discontinued operations NANA100.0100.0
Current liabilities of discontinued operations 010.7489.7207.6
Total current liabilities 1,559.61,485.72,195.12,147.2
Long-term debt 1,872.21,875.82,150.52,428.7
Employee benefit plans 150.6164.5177.5249.6
Long-term sales taxes and taxes other than income 193.1124.5NANA
Long-term income taxes 84.978.665.175.2
Other liabilities 84.481.378.493.8
Noncurrent liabilities of discontinued operations NANA260.2297.0
Total liabilities 3,944.83,810.44,926.85,291.5
Series C convertible preferred stock 467.8444.70NA
Shareholders' Deficit 
Common stock 189.7188.8187.9187.6
Additional paid-in capital 2,291.22,273.92,254.02,207.9
Retained earnings 2,320.32,322.22,448.13,702.9
Accumulated other comprehensive loss (926.2)(1,033.2)(1,366.2)(1,217.6)
Treasury stock (4,600.0)(4,599.7)(4,594.1)(4,591.0)
Total Avon shareholders' deficit (725.0)(848.0)(1,070.3)289.8
Noncontrolling interests 10.311.813.915.5
Total shareholders' deficit (714.7)(836.2)(1,056.4)305.3
Total liabilities, series C convertible preferred stock and shareholders' deficit 3,697.93,418.93,870.45,596.8

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