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Income Statement

 2017 Q3 YTD2016 Y2015 Y2014 Y2013 Y
Source Document9/30/201712/31/201612/31/201612/31/201612/31/2015
Currency Code (in millions)USDUSDUSDUSDUSD
Net sales 4,029.85,578.86,076.57,472.58,379.4
Other revenue 117.0138.984.0175.5117.4
Total revenue 4,146.85,717.76,160.57,648.08,496.8
Costs, expenses and other 
Cost of sales 1,592.12,257.02,445.43,006.93,172.8
Selling, general and administrative expenses 2,411.43,138.83,543.24,206.84,742.1
Impairment of goodwill NA06.9042.1
Operating profit 143.3321.9165.0434.3539.8
Interest expense 106.0136.6120.5108.8117.9
Gain on extinguishment of debt 0(1.1)5.5086.0
Interest income (11.2)(15.8)(12.5)(14.8)(25.9)
Other expense, net 19.4171.073.7139.583.9
Gain on sale of business NA0(44.9)00
Total other expenses 114.2290.7142.3233.5261.9
(Loss) income before taxes NA31.222.7200.8277.9
Income (loss) before taxes 29.1NANANANA
Income taxes (99.5)(124.6)(819.2)(545.3)(210.4)
(Loss) income from continuing operations, net of tax NA(93.4)(796.5)(344.5)67.5
Loss from continuing operations, net of tax (70.4)NANANANA
Loss from discontinued operations, net of tax 0(14.0)(349.1)(40.4)(119.4)
Net (loss) income NA(107.4)(1,145.6)(384.9)(51.9)
Net (loss) income attributable to Avon NA(107.6)(1,148.9)(388.6)(56.4)
Net loss (70.4)(107.4)(1,145.6)(384.9)(51.9)
Net loss (income) attributable to noncontrolling interests 0.9(0.2)(3.3)(3.7)(4.5)
Net loss attributable to Avon (69.5)NANANANA
Loss per share 
Basic from continuing operations (0.2)NANANANA
Basic from discontinued operations 0NANANANA
Basic attributable to Avon (0.2)NANANANA
Diluted from continuing operations 
Basic from continuing operations NA(0.25)(1.81)(0.79)0.14
Basic from discontinued operations NA(0.03)(0.79)(0.09)(0.27)
Basic attributable to Avon NA(0.29)(2.6)(0.88)(0.13)
Diluted from continuing operations (0.2)
Diluted from discontinued operations
Diluted attributable to Avon (0.2)
Weighted-average shares outstanding 
Basic NA437.0435.2434.5433.4
Diluted NA437.0435.2434.5434.2
Net loss (70.4)NANANANA
Other comprehensive income 
Foreign currency translation adjustments 85.138.6(275.0)(248.3)(112.8)
Change in derivative losses on cash flow hedges, net of taxes
Adjustments of and amortization of net actuarial loss and prior service cost, net of taxes 12.7287.381.885.835.7
Adjustments of net actuarial loss and prior service cost, net of taxes NA3.140.7(187.2)80.6
Other comprehensive income related to New Avon investment, net of taxes 1.22.200NA
Total other comprehensive income, net of taxes 99.0NANANANA
Comprehensive income 28.6NANANANA
Comprehensive (loss) income NA225.1(1,296.2)(732.7)(46.7)
Less - comprehensive loss attributable to noncontrolling interests (0.7)(2.1)(1.6)(1.9)1.2
Comprehensive (loss) income attributable to Avon NA227.2(1,294.6)(730.8)(47.9)
Comprehensive income attributable to Avon 29.3NANANANA
Total other comprehensive income (loss), net of taxes NA332.5(150.6)(347.8)5.2

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